The future of the HR Professionals’ Community on Ning

As some of you may know I manage a HR professionals’ community on Ning. Some weeks back Ning announced that it was planning to phase out free networks, which is why I had bought a domain to move the community to

On 4th May Ning made an announcement on the new models it would support.

According to the new models, we come under the Ning Mini plan, which unfortunately will only support 150 members

At a personal level I do not have the resources to maintain the community at the Ning Plus or Ning Pro plans.

So it seems likely that unless we get a sponsor for the community at $200/year or $500/year the HR Professionals’ community will be discontinued.

I’ll keep you updated on the future course of the community as and when it becomes clearer.

If you’d like to sponsor the community – do let me know at [email protected]

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