The Future Of HR – Can You Survive The Transition?

Highlighting the Transition from Administrative HR to Business Impact HR

I have been publicly forecasting HR’s future since 1998, when I wrote the groundbreaking, but at the time controversial article “e-HR – A Walk Through the 21st Century HR Department” for the IHRIM Journal. However, even today when I give presentations to groups of HR professionals around the globe, I am continually surprised by how few HR leaders have found the free time to even think about our future. As a result, few firms (with the notable exception of Nestlé Purina) have devoted significant time to developing a plan for making the transition from the current administrative/compliance model to the emerging, what I call, the “Business Impact HR” model. That name is appropriate because the primary differentiator of the HR function of the future will be a focus on maximizing its business impacts.

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