The Founder Institute in Boston

One of my friends, Paul Geffen, is helping to raise awareness of the fact that the Founder Institute is coming to Boston.  With a great line-up of knowledgeable people participating I wanted to make sure you had some information as well.  Here is information, directly from Paul, on the Institute.  Note that I am not endorsing the Institute nor am I receiving any compensation.  I am merely helping Paul spread the word about an event I believe is worth checking out.

The Founder Institute is a recent variation on the start-up incubator.  It is set up as a four-month course for entrepreneurs, taught by successful founders.  The Institute runs two courses per year in nine cities (San Francisco / Bay Area, Singapore, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, New York, Washington DC, and Paris) and the upcoming semester in Boston will be the tenth location.
The program is run by founders for founders and provides a structure for successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences and to provide guidance and mentorship.  In contrast to incubators like TechStars, which require a full-time commitment from the participants, the Founder Institute course takes just one evening per week.

The list of founders signed up to teach in Boston includes

  • Phil Libin, CEO, Evernote
  • Craig Kanarick, Cofounder of Razorfish
  • Dharmesh Shaw, Cofounder of Hubspot
  • Dan Shapiro, CEO of Ontela
  • Eric Melin, CEO of
  • Stephen Hau, CEO of Sharable Ink and Patientkeeper
  • Doug Brenhouse, Cofounder of Metacarta
  • Ryan Alfred, Cofounder of
  • Roger Yee, Former CEO of ShadowLogic
  • Matt Johnson, CEO of OmniStrat

The Founder Institute is a for-profit company that has progressive ideas about how to build an international community of entrepreneurs. The main benefit of the course is personal access to the founders who will come to Boston to teach the sessions. The weekly classes are sure to lead into late-night networking sessions. This is a way for new founders to expand their list of business contacts far beyond Boston in a relatively short time.

The deadline for applications for the Boston course is June 23rd.  Please see for more details and an application form.

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