The Excitement and Importance of Healthcare Hiring

By Tara Cassady

What a great opportunity I had last week as one of our very talented recruiters and I got to meet with hiring leaders for a growing healthcare system in the northeast United States. We are currently recruiting for a number of leadership positions for this healthcare system, which is transforming from a community hospital into a regional medical center. We sat down and talked with 7 or 8 different managers and directors, the message was consistent and the excitement and purpose were solidified!

These healthcare leaders couldn’t articulate enough:

  • The importance of hiring the best talent
  • The honor they have in serving not only their community, but now the region
  • How engaged their employees are and how much support they get from leadership

How exciting for us, we have the opportunity and challenge to bring them the right talent to continue on this important journey.  And, how exciting for us that we again get to realize our ability to impact patient care.

Leading healthcare recruitment teams and getting to work closely with Nurse Managers and Patient Care Directors has provided me a great sense of connection and purpose to the work we do at Pinstripe Healthcare! This is easy to forget as we sometimes rush through the days trying to complete tasks.  As a healthcare recruiter, have you stopped lately to recognize the impact you make on your community and patient care?

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