The Employee Engagement Network: 2 Years and 2000 Members

THE source for employee engagement. I am thrilled at the unanticipated success of The Employee Engagement Network.


A Saturday afternoon experiment. I started this community 2 years ago on January 26th., 2008. It began as a Saturday afternoon experiment. My motive was to learn more about social networks for business and to see if I could gather 50 to 100 people together on the topic of Employee Engagement. I succeeded on both counts!

Our 2000th. member. Bev Mate – a director of competency development for HR in New York – is our 2000th member. Of course she would not be 2000th without the joining of 1999 members before her.

My contributions. I have worked hard to make this a welcoming, connected, informed, and engaged community. My work has ranged from personally welcoming every new member to suggesting, compiling, and creating our free resources. I have learned so much from this community and can only imagine how much I will learn from them this decade.

300 rejections. I have also declined about 300 members who wanted to join but were not really focused on the topic and may have had other motives to join and use the community.

A special thanks to John Junson. This network would not be what it is without the contributions of John Junson. John, is a friend of mine from grade 9 at Bruce Junior High in Winnipeg. John has enhanced the design, created compelling graphics, designed the e-books and book, and also created 2  great work related cartoons every week! Thank you John.

Our contributions. A huge thank you to everyone who has joined and an even bigger thank you to all the members who have made such fine contributions:

  • We have created 3 great free ebooks.
  • We are publishing a top 10 book.
  • We have 113 videos to view related to employee engagement.
  • We have 507 forums for open discussions on employee engagement topics.
  • We have 556 blog posts.
  • We have 26 special interest groups.

Our future. We have a network on employee engagement that has grown to 2000 members, has become a community and is headed towards becoming a strong movement. We are the #1 place to be for employee engagement.


David Zinger is an employee engagement expert. He founded and hosts the 2000 member Employee Engagement Network. His website offers 1000 articles relating to employee engagement and strength based leadership.

Book David for education, speaking, and coaching on engagement today for 2010.

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