The digital camera market continues to drop thanks to smartphones




Last year, Japanese camera makers reported a 42% drop in global camera shipments, with sales of entry level digital cameras particularly badly hit.   The cause was of course the proliferation of smartphones, and people using their mobile device as their main camera.

The current evidence is that this trend is if anything accelerating.  In July the Wall Street Journal reported that Japanese camera shipments had decreased by another 42% in the first five months of 2013.    

The WSJ article is behind a paywall, but it also includes reference to the no of pictures taken every year.

In particular, Fujifilm has estimated that 1.6 trillion photos are now taken annually with smartphones.   That is far higher than the estimate Yahoo! provided earlier in the year, when it said that 880 billion pictures would be taken in 2014

To put that into comparison, the article estimates that 100 billion pictures were taken around 2000, the ‘heyday of film cameras.’

Separately, a study by Infotrends released in September says that, at least in the US, an in-built camera is the second most important feature in a smartphone for consumers.  

In fact arguably, it is the most important feature given that no.1 was the brand of phone.   Note that the camera was more important when it came to deciding what phone to buy than the operating system.

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