The Daily Tweets

I did not want to like, the new, personal Twitter aggregater. Just more clutter, I thought to myself.

Nonetheless, it is so easy to set up, I filled in the blank with my Twitter list of Internet Time Alliance colleagues. Voila. Our Daily Tweet-news.

This morning I visited my Daily site and learned a number of things I might otherwise have missed. Three-quarters of this was generated one way or another by my prolific pal Harold Jarche, but still, it amazed me how a change of format brought things to my attention. No doubt I’ll habituate but for now, I’m happy to learn things like:

Chuck House speculates that HP’s board was looking for a reason to force Hurd out:

The Voice of the Workplace, HP’s thirty-five year historic ‘measure’ of employee feelings (done every five years) showed in April an astonishing finding — more than two-thirds of HP’s employees would quit tomorrow if they had an equivalent job offer. Not a raise, not a promotion, simply an alternative. That number never used to be in double digits.

Hurd was, apparently, very unpopular with the HP rank-and-file.

Ironically, when I went back to look at this, I was in the midst of cleaning up my already-too-many social connections:

…and now

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