The Content and Context of Leadership

The process of becoming a leader is much the same as becoming an integrated human being. Warren Bennis

Leadership is often seen as a mystery that combines art and science in uniquely individual ways.

Most experts agree that the fundamentals and content of  leadership that include transparency, integrity, authenticity, and balance, have not appreciably changed for thousands of years.

What has changed, however, is the context in which today’s leader must operate.

The questions senior leaders ask us in an effort to respond proactively, rather than react, in this time of change are:“ How do I improve morale?  How do I ignite passion?  How do I achieve outstanding bottom line performance? How do I create positive and collaborative working relationships?  How can I build a great place to work?  How do I reduce my stress and create work-life integration that works?

What employees are telling us in this time of transition is that they long for more balance in their lives; they desire to experience new ways of  relating to one another; they want to find meaning and purpose in their lives and work; and they desire to have a more productive and appreciative environment in which to work.

This time of unprecedented challenge and change is creating a significant opportunity to resolve these two perspectives and make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we lead. This change is a call for a unique form of authentic leadership to emerge, a practice that we call L3 Leadership.

L3  Leadership is an inside out approach to leadership and learning. It is a personal journey  in applying and experiencing the principles and practices that lead to leading oneself with mastery, leading with others collaboratively and leading others with integrity, authenticity and balance.

L3 Leadership is about  shared responsibility and accountability, involving and impacting everyone within an organization. It is about deep capacity building of the skills, competencies, and habits that will assist everyone in the organization enabling the achievement a deeper sense of meaningful contribution and purpose in all aspects of life and work.

What I have found in my work delivering this message and meaning– is that most leaders are clear about the content concerning best practices,   and they are very hungry for a new context in which to deliver their leadership.  I have been honored to work with people who are committed to transforming their leadership practices and style in a new context.  They are making a difference! Today, it is important for  leadership Context to be KING!

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