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Back to school.

These words can generate a wide range of responses. For some, like students, it’s a deep sigh and a sag in the shoulders. For others, like parents, it’s joyful, dancing glee. For me, I work in education; it’s a wonderful time when faculty and students return and the campus hums with activity. For the HR Carnival, I thought about returning to school and all the energy that comes with it. So for this Carnival, I thought a nice theme with posts on ways to liven things up, straighten things out and/or make it fun. There are many posts – read them all! And welcome.

Learning a few things

Steve Boese shares perhaps the coolest thing happenin’. Want to major in coolness and social media? Check out this post! And just add him to your RSS right now. Just do it.

Lisa Rosendahl writes from behind the firewall. This post was written JUST for our Carnival. Read about her exciting and innovative changes, along with an energized staff, going full steam. True inspiration.

Here’s a two-fer. Check out Laurie Ruettimann’s Punk Rock HR with a guest post from Lance Haun on the sad and true adage – Carrots Suck, Give Me Bacon. Not wishing to alienate the vegans among us, just read it. It is not only hilarious, it’s smack on.

Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender, writes a terrific post on Facebook Friending Policy. A must read for professionals and students alike about this important question – How does my Facebook network impact my professional career?

Jason Seiden writes a fantastic post on how to Fail Spectacularly. You must read this about what NOT to say on LinkedIn …read it and learn.

Trish McFarlane of HR Ring Leader and brains behind the #HRevolution writes innovatively about A Different Spin On Employee Development.

How could you not LOVE someone who writes Not Everyone loves Putt Putt? Read this post about No-Cost Ideas for Energizing Your Team and everything else by Jennifer V. Miller. Plus she is in Michigan. ‘Nuff said.

Mary Jo Asmus, in my backyard in the Enchanted Mitton, writes amazing stuff on Intentional Leadership. At the risk of embarrassing myself, this post is simply wonderful.

Lance Haun, writing solo, shares his job hunting strategies with his post on how blogging helped him find his next great adventure.

Watch those dollars! A fabulous post from Mark Stelzner on Spending HR Dollars Wisely. His post could not be more timely or more generous.

The HR Store shares an experience to highlight employee learning. And why it’s needed!

Ageism – is it real? Read some of the thoughtful outline from Mike Haberman post who blogs at HR Observations.

Love lunchtime? Then meet the HR Gumbo, another blogger in higher ed. Read this excellent post on Extreme Makeover: Attitude Addition. It is a blog post worthy of a move that bus shout-out.

Keep at it! That’s the blog from Alvaro Fernandez @ SharpBrains. A good post and lesson on staying sharp!

The best day to say goodbye? A blog I never miss is Susan Heathfield and she writes What’s the Best Day to Fire an Employee? I read everything single thing she writes.

Go right to the front of the class! No need to take out student loans for these. Thanks Dan McCarthy for this fabulous post on 10 Free Leadership Video Sites. AWESOME post and great blog.

Talk about mojo! Check out Jon Ingham’s post on Organisational Mojo. Good stuff, great blog.


Ben Eubanks writes a warm post reflecting on his first job in My Parents Had It Right.

PseudoHR, one of the best and funniest blogs going, writes a compelling post on It Takes two Baby! Read her stuff – it’s fantabulous.

Vishveshwar Jatain wonders about soaring to new heights in his post If Employees Could Fly.

Mick Collins shared an interesting post on accessing technology in Buyer Beware: Not all Technologies are Created Equal. Mick and Steve need to connect. 😉

Melissa Prusher from the Devon Group has a serious of posts entitled 10 minutes with ….(fill in the name). She originally asked me to include Ten Minutes with Josh Bersin (which I have) but encourage you to read all of the interviews. Good stuff!

Erik Samdahl asks the question Should the Head of Human Resources Report to the CEO? He thinks so and outlines the reasons here.

EntryHR writes about Owning Your Career. Don’t wait for others – take charge yourself!

Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog sent in a couple of ideas. It’s all SO good, just start here – The Echo Chamber: Does this sound familiar? and keep reading.

From the HR Forum is a post on When weak management pushes top performers out the door.

Cathy Missildine-Martin shares ideas for HR that can help a company poised for growth. Share this with your HR colleagues.

Jane Perdue blogs at Life, Love and Leadership. She writes about Leadership and a Box of Chocolates. Yum, milk please.

And last but definitely not least, Chris Young on the Maximize Possibility Blog writes about The New Employee Retention Crisis: Retaining Low Performers.

What an incredible collection of thoughts and ideas! If you don’t already, add these bloggers to your RSS and Twitter feeds. It was a joy to host this HR Carnival. I have enjoyed reading all of these posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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