The campaign for status updates!


   I had an entertaining and informative meeting with Stacy Chapman from strategic workforce planning firm Aruspex today.

We discussed a range of issues from the need to keep workforce planning strategic (see here and here) to the increasing potential for HCM data.  And we found that we agreed on most of these areas.

One other thing that I think we both felt quite passionately about is the dreadful mess integrating Twitter in Linkedin has made of the later’s status updates.

What used to provide a useful way of keeping up with contacts’ activities, has now become a jumble of updates, links and retweets.

Tweets and status updates aren’t the same things.  Let’s hope Linkedin de-integrates, and in the meantime, you can always use #in in your tweets to update Linkedin when it’s appropriate as well (but most of the time it’s not!).



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