The Business Case of Visual Management

Visual Management is one of the most well documented business tools in the world. Virtually every successful organization has leveraged Visual Management to help improve the business operations, increase shareholder value, and enhance the customer experience while maintaining strong financial performance.

Integrating Visual Management tools and competencies into your daily work will improve your personal performance and results.
To truly gain the full business benefit of Visual Management, it requires you to manage at the speed of sight and thought. More than ever, Visual Management is critically important to any leader’s success because 83% of what we learn is visual.

The best way we can get visual is to get closer to the workplace, closer to where the variances and problems are. When you do this, you will be driving the business case for Visual Management.

There have been dozens of major research studies on engagement over the last few years that prove there is undeniable evidence that engagement correlates with sustainable top and bottom line business results.
They concluded higher engagement correlated to employees’ who believed they could positively impact process and make a difference in a business’ quality, customer service, and production costs.
CSI International has conducted research on the impact of engagement and process improvement in global Fortune 500 companies and has correlated increased levels of engagement with improved productivity, velocity, attendance, safety and quality.

Visual Management and employee engagement are different sides of the same coin.
Visual Management tools make employee involvement and engagement a hard and fast, black and white, measurable, visual reality. These tools give employees the information to make real-time decisions on how to impact the business and process.

P.S. Visual Management is critically important because 83% of what we learn is visual.

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