The Best Place To Work Revisted.

I have been think a lot about the concept of the “Best Place To Work and came up with these 10 items that come up over and over again for me with coaching clients and workshop participants.

What would you add to this list?

Marc’s 10 Characteristics of Best Places To Work

  1. Full utilization of talent at the individual level: Strengths are realized and strategically employed
  2. Proactive support for the Work-life challenge – a state of genuine work/life integration
  3. Alignment of direction and clearly understood purpose across the organization
  4. Expanded leadership at all levels, all supervisors, managers, project leaders working at higher levels of strategic value (less detail)
  5. Aligned systems that drive collaboration towards similar outcomes and mutually beneficial rewards
  6. High trust, high accountability, the elimination of bureaucracy, high levels of  personal and team responsibility
  7. High emotional intelligence behaviors and skills are utilized
  8. The organizational brand is represented by everyone in their daily actions and interactions
  9. There is a natural coaching culture—learning takes place “in process” –feedback is welcomed, and feedforward is offered and received openly
  10. People lead their lives well, come together to build great teams, and have pride in the organizational results

What would you add to this list?

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