The Best Customer Service Agents Do This…

I’ve been doing some research in the past few weeks on companies who are creating exceptional experiences for their customers. It’s been really fun and uplifting to read and watch the personal stories of customers and the companies that went above and beyond for them.

Some of the characteristics that stood out to me most were that all of these companies use empathy, humor and personalization in their everyday interactions with customers.

There’s nothing worse than interacting with a customer service agent who is a stick in the mud and diligently follows their customer service script without adding any authenticity or  personalization for the customer they are interacting with.

There’s nothing better than interacting with a customer service agent who makes you laugh, brightens your day and puts a smile on your face by solving your problem in a fast, friendly hassle-free way while throwing a little humor into the mix.

As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.  Life’s too short to take everything so seriously, I’d rather spend it with a smile on my face.

It was about a year ago that I had a memorable and humorous interaction with an online customer service agent at Lululemon. I had just purchased a new backpack that had tons of cool features. I was on their website and couldn’t find one of the pockets it described, so I hopped on the live chat to speak with a customer service agent. Our interaction was so great that I kept the transcript.

You have been connected to Lyndall.

Jennifer: Hi there. I just purchased your men’s cruiser backpack. It says it has a wet/dry pack with removable laundry bag, but I can’t seem to find it. Could you help me.

Lyndall: Hi Jennifer! Let me check on that as it does say removable in the description.

Jennifer: Ok thanks

Lyndall: I am looking at the bag right now and trying to figure out where the removable bag is.

Jennifer: Me too. It says in H on the tag description: interior wet/dry pocket and removable laundry pouch

Lyndall: That confused me as well because I see a wet/dry pocket but it is not removable. I am going to ask another educator.

Jennifer: Ok. That’s the part on the inside front of the backpack right? It’s wet/dry?

Lyndall: I found it! It is hiding.

Jennifer: Oh ya where is it?

Lyndall: There is another zippered compartment right above where the sunglass case is. In front of the main pouch zipper.  There is a cover over it so it looks deceiving.

Jennifer: Ohhh snap! This bag is awesome

Lyndall: So many compartments, I want it!

Jennifer: seriously awesome! I’m excited to not be a bag lady anymore since I can fit everything in here

Lyndall: You are too funny. I love how the zippers are sealed to prevent moisture from getting in your bag.

Jennifer: It’s so great! Thanks for your help

Lyndall. Have a great night! You are most welcome. Thank you as well Jennifer!

I love how Lyndall educated me about the features of my bag, while empathizing with my inability to find the hidden compartment. He didn’t make me feel silly for not understanding the features, but instead used it as an opportunity to talk about how cool the bag was. To be honest, I think this interaction made me love the backpack even more!

Thanks Lyndall for putting a smile on my face and creating a fast, friendly, hassle-free, personalized customer service experience that I haven’t forgotten.

P.S. Happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks!  Bonne fête du Canada! I hope you have a fun, friendly, hassle-free day.
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