The Benefits of Starting a Blog

write a blogAfter you make a website, you’ll be eager to attract an audience. Creating a blog can be one of the easiest and most enjoyable aspects of Internet marketing and can significantly increase a website’s visibility when updated regularly.

Like many website owners, you may be on the fence about adding a blog. But, once you’ve learned about the positive benefits of blogging, you’ll find that it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Fresh, Unique Content

The major search engines love sites with fresh, unique content. Regularly adding content to a site shows the search engines that the site is active and popular. But when you build a website, most of it is designed to be static. You won’t want to constantly change the layout and content on your main site, which would represent a lot of work. It  can be even more cumbersome to use search engine optimization to increase the ranking of your site. By adding a blog, you can keep a steady stream of fresh content flowing to your site without dramatic changes all the time.

Superior Link Building

When assigning website rankings, the search engines takes keywords into consideration, as well as how many links are pointing to a site. As long as the links come from relevant websites, they are viewed as signs of a site’s authority and popularity. Link building is a two-way street, and you can use your blog to link to relevant sites around the Internet. Many times, they will return the favor in kind, and new backlinks, or incoming links, will point to your website. Over time, this will improve your site’s ranking and visibility.

A Human Touch

While it’s important to present a professional face to the world through your website, it’s also wise to show that actual people run your business. A blog is a great platform for showing your human side as well as demonstrating your expertise. While you can be a little more casual on a blog, make sure your content is always up to par. If you’re not a writer, or you don’t have time to write a valuable post, you can pay a professional to create blog posts for you. That way, your blog will be updated frequently without significant effort on your part. However, make sure to put your stamp of approval on any submitted work before you publish it on your website.

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