The Adventures of Myth and Maya: A Social Game About Saving the World

I want to write a novel about a Danish boy Myth and an Indian girl Maya, who find themselves in the leaderboard of the most viral social game on Facebook.

Except that this is no ordinary social game about tending a farm or fighting a mafia war. This is a game that the gods themselves have designed, to test if humankind is wise enough to work together to save the world.

As Myth and Maya design innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems — poverty, hunger, illiteracy, epidemics, inequality, consumerism and pollution — they learn that their minds are shaped by the mythologies of their civilizations and all myths are half-truth and half-illusion.

‘The Adventures of Myth and Maya’ is an epic about the clash of civilization, but it’s also a story about the coming of age. It’s a story that needs to be written and I am hoping that I’ll find the time and the wisdom to write it.

The story itself will unfold on ‘The Adventures of Myth and Maya: A Social Game About Saving the World’. I’ll share my notes on storytelling and my research on myths at Gauravonomics Diary. I’ll continue to share my ideas on social media and social change at Gauravonomics Blog. Stay tuned.

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