The 10 NEW Facebook Page changes that are good news for your company when recruiting


After all that hard work you put into your Facebook page, creating Landing Pages, Marketing and Campaign Pages, to drive new visitors to ‘Like’ your Facebook page – Facebook comes along and kicks you in the proverbial n**s!

If you are not already aware, last week Facebook announced that they are changing their Facebook Page design to the Timeline style, that is on everyones personal Facebook profiles, with effect from the end of March.

So what does this mean for all those recruitment pages created? Here is my interpretation of the Facebook page changes and the implications for companies in the recruitment industry.

  1. For a start – if you are one of those recruitment companies that just feed jobs through your Facebook page via an RSS feed – then it won’t make a jot of difference – you still won’t have any engagement on your page……… because it is dull, uninteresting and and as engaging as sitting there waiting for the magic beans to grow into a beanstalk! [Use this enforced change to take a different strategy with your page]
  2. The big difference is the layout and the cover image. Now you have a huge 850px x 315px image that sits across the top of your Facebook page. You can be as creative as you you here – but the rules (ala Facebook) say there can be no calls to action here….. so no telling people to ‘Like’ your page.
    Everyone going to your Facebook page will see this image first, so it is important to set the scene for your page with a good representative image. Here is one I did for the Sirona Consulting Facebook page yesterday – I tied the branding (the pixel people) into my blog and website:

    Sirona Facebook Page image

    Don’t forget this can be images and photos – it is just down to your vision and creativity!

  3. No Landing pages anymore. Whereas before you could have a Welcome page or a specific Landing page to drive traffic to, Facebook have now removed that option. You can no longer ‘encourage’ people to ‘Like’ your page on a landing page. With everyone arriving at the main page – you are going to have to use interesting content, good communication and engagement to drive the ‘likes’ going forward!
  4. Tabs and Apps have changed. The list of all the tabs that was originally on the left is now sitting at the top below the Profile picture. Now only 3 will show (the pictures tab is mandatory) BUT you can now customise the app image! So if you have a jobs page it can now be made more visible underneath the profile picture

    Apps image
    Whereas before you could have many different tabs showing – now there is only 3 you can have showing (along side photos) – all the others are on a drop down menu to the side. Understand which apps you want showing – I don’t think many people will be clicking on the drop down menu! 

  5. The About information is also front and centre the profile image (seen above) – make sure it says what you do/are in a succinct sentence/keywords – you have 255 characters if you need them. Think of it as your ‘Facebook elevator pitch’  – you do know what yours is, don’t you?

  6.  You can feature a post at the top of your page content by simply pinning it there – this way it will sit at the top all the time – maybe a promotion, job of the week, latest news etc [Hover over the pencil on the top right of the post and click pin it. To remove do the same and click un pin it] My advice would be to make sure you also have a good image on this post, as they also attract people to read it – or even better make it a video!
  7. Private messaging. You can now receive private messages from your fans via the Facebook page. This is a great way to engage job seekers – especially those that don’t want to ask questions about opportunities or jobs in a public way. [To enable private messaging, go to the admin panel, then click manage, select edit page and then choose manage permissions – tick the Show Message button on your page].
  8. You can now add historical content to your Facebook page in the form of your timeline. This is down to you – you can past events/stories to help create a complete story line for your company. This is a great way of adding more content regarding your employer brand, your services, your award wins, new hires, success stories, new products etc to your Facebook page. [Go to where you would normally post an update to begin posting past milestones. First post a milestone about when your company was founded. After you do that, then you can create other milestones.]
  9. There is now an improved admin panel right at the top of the page (drop down menu on the right) which now makes it very visible to see the different engagement on the page – who has liked, commented, messaged you and the insight stats for the page. We all love stats –  and Facebook have made this a little easier to use.
  10. You can now control the content that is posted on your Facebook page before it is visible to anyone – an essential upgrade for companies that are closely monitoring their reputation online and are still paranoid about bad stuff being placed on a Facebook page. While this is great for reputation management – not sure it is great for immediate engagement though, so think about this addition carefully. [If you want to enable fo to admin – manage permissions and click ‘Only show posts by your page and friend activity on your Page until reviewed by an admin’]

I am sure more will come out in the Facebook wash over the next few weeks and months, but I think this is a much more engaging approach to developing your Facebook Page. There are some really interesting changes made – but they will only work if you have a content strategy to engage with your audience. This of course means you need to know your audience and what your objectives with them are. So back to some marketing basics for most companies then!

Have fun with your new Facebook Page, and remember get your changes done by the end of March, or Facebook will do it for you!

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