The 10 best companies to work for in India

Infosys Technologies has emerged as the best company to work for in India, according to the BT-Indicus-PeopleStrong 9th Annual Survey of India’s Best Employers.

Even as the Indian IT major shone, many other biggies missed getting into the list of the 10 best companies to work for in India. These include L&T (11th), Hindustan Unilever (12th), ONGC (13th), Tata Motors (14th), ITC (15th), ICICI Bank (19th), and Tata Steel (20th).

About 9,000 employees from across 1,000 organisations across 800 cities participated in the survey.

They were asked to rate companies on six key parameters
The six key factors are-

1.Career & personal growth
2.Prestige/ Company reputation
3.Training/ Coaching/ Mentoring
4.Financial compensation & benefits
5.Good job content
6.Merit-based performance evaluation

While creative people in advertising and media gave little importance to the company’s brand value, the administrative staff gave more value to the brand.

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance and Services accounted for over 10 per cent of the respondents each, software over 14 per cent, manufacturing over 17 per cent, and ITeS accounted for 9 per cent.

Education/training, core sector, telecom and health accounted for 6.7 per cent, 5.7 per cent, 4.4 per cent, and 4.2 per cent, respectively.

The rankings are based on what employees think of their present, past and future employers.
Full list below:
Rank. Company (Index score)

1. Infosys Technologies (100)
2. Google India (52)
3. Tata Consultancy Services (46)
4. IBM (42)
5. Microsoft India (36)
6. Wipro (33)
7. State Bank of India (32)
8. Bharti Airtel (29)
9. HP India (28)
10. HDFC (27)
11. Larsen& Toubro (25)
12. Hindustan Unilever (24)
13. ONGC (24)
14. Tata Motors (24)
15. ITC (16)
16. Accenture (16)
17. HCL Technologies (14)
18. Cognizant (14)
19. ICICI (13)
20. Tata Steel (12)
21. NTPC (11)
22. DELL India (10)
23. HSBC Data Processing (9)
24. BHEL (9)
25. Infosys BPO (9)

This is the 9th edition of Business Today’s employee survey and Infosys has topped five of them, not a small achievement for any company. .

Other interesting information from Business Today survey:

•Tech multinationals and product companies offer 20 per cent more for junior employees than what Infy pays.

•Microsoft has 90,000 employees worldwide and more than 5,000 in India. The median age of employees in India is 31.

•Out of IBM’s total workforce of over 400,000, around 74,000 are in India. (This information is dated; Big Blue quoted this number a few years ago in India).

•25% of IBM employees in India are women. It wants to increase it to 45 per cent.

•TCS has 1,25,000 employees, excluding 15,000 people with its subsidiaries. They come from 78 different nationalities in 50 different countries.

•TCS’ largest software development centre, in Chennai, can seat 30,000 people – equal to the seating capacity of the Lords cricket ground in London.

•Google’s new Indian language transliteration tool came from the 20% project time of Rahul Roy Chowdhury, a Bangalore-based Google product manager.

•Google’s new recruits at Gurgaon office gain up to 20 pounds, or about 8 kg, in the few months of joining. Thanks to free and rich food.
The survey was conducted by Business Today with Peoplestrong.
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IT firms still best places to work for in India ??
Nothing seems to stop the tech march in India at least from the employees point of view, and surprisingly so. After a year of furtive layoffs and frozen increments Indian IT firms still rank among the best companies to work for.

Indian economy has grown across sectors such as FMCG, retail and banking. But when it comes to work place, everyone seems to wish for an IT touch.

A new employee survey by Business Today ranks 25 best companies to work for in India. More than half of India’s top 25 employers come from the IT sector.

11 of 25 companies in the list are pure IT companies, with both Indian and MNCs represented. If you add Infosys BPO and HSBC Data Processing, not strictly IT but from a related sister industry, the number goes up to 16. If you further add, L&T and ITC, which have significant IT operations, the number raises to 16.

The top 6 ranks in the list go to IT companies, led by Infosys. If you count among top 10 companies, 7 are IT. Most of the big IT names are represented though there are a few significant misses. For example, Mahindra Satyam has missed out for obvious reasons. The scandal, acquisition, virtual pool mess and retrenchment, made life hell for employees. That is not the company you wished to be in 2009.

HCL, the company which has an employee first policy, is a backbencher at number 17.

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