That’s just the way we do things here

I was watching the local news herein Tampa Bay the other night and a
story came on that made we stop to think about how we do things within
the HR arena everyday.

There is a local man who was scheduled to
fly to NJ to be with his daughter who was undergoing a medical
procedure. The problem is that he has been fighting cancer for a number
of years but he went to an airline and purchased a non-refundable ticket
for the trip. Then during a conversation with his doctor, he was told
he could not only not fly but he had only about two months to live. He went to the airline and explained the situation and offered
full medical documentation. The airline’s response was if you died we
would give you a partial refund, barring that our policy is that the
ticket you bought is non-refundable.That’s our policy and we will not
make any changes.

I am a strong advocate of our policies and
procedures having a standard of work, a set number of steps required to
complete the process. But I also realize that in between we have
migrated to a world which thrive on flexibility. This leaves us with two
options within our organizations. One is to be like the airline and
state that this is our policy and we are sticking to it. Or we can
introduce the policies and procedures as guidelines and allow your
organizations and its managers to use some judgment as to whether the
organizational stability is really harmed by inserting some common sense
to how we deliver those policies and procedures.

Being lock step
into this is the way we do it within this organization does not service
the organization nor your human capital assets. Within every policy and
procedure, there should be room for some creativity in how we utilize
them to resolve issues in the workplace.


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