Thanksgiving week

I am busy this time of year.  I just am.   But we always take time to take time off.   We love Thanksgiving. 

We work like crazy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then … we relax.  Football.  Fire in the fireplace.  Jammies.  And dinner. 

Wednesday night, we always go out for dinner.  It’s tradition.  It’s the only tradition we keep in our house.  

On Thanksgiving day, we watch the parades, drink coffee, and give thanks.  When it comes to dinner, we never do turkey.  Not because we don’t like turkey.  I personally love turkey.  (I just love meat.) But the truth is that I don’t really care for the wine that goes with turkey … so we make other crazy delicious meals for Thanksgiving. 

This year, my husband is making filet Mignon in pepper cream sauce.  I kid you not.  Best day of the year ever. 

What are your plans for this holiday?  Any anti-tradition traditions?  Happy Thanksgiving to you! 

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