Thank You Michelle For Creating a Great Customer Experience on AA #1005

If you are a leader, are you putting your people in a position to do the right thing, at the right time, the right way?

If you are an individual contributor, do you do the right thing, the right way, even if no one is watching?

I’m writing this at 32,000 ft on  American Airlines flight 1005  from Dallas to San Diego. I just interviewed the flight attendant about what her thoughts were on the merger with US Airways. Her exact words were, “It can’t be any worse! I know I still have a job, I can provide food for my kids, I have a roof over my head and I have a car to drive. “

Yes, she is doing the right thing even when her pension is frozen.

A person under these circumstances that is  friendly and proactive is because of choice.

She said, “If I am going to be bitter about the situation I better retire.”

I said, “Most people retire and stay and we all suffer. You chose to do the right thing under these circumstances to make the experience better for all of us passengers. That gives me inspiration that we can all figure out a way to create better experiences for one another, even when those in charge make it difficult for those serving a guest to do the right time for the right reason.”

If the flight attendant Michelle on flight 1005 can create a fabulous experience with this amount of uncertainly, so can you. Can’t you?

More importantly, if you are not, what is stopping you, besides you?

P. S. I am typing this on my phone which I no longer have to hide from her!

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