Thank You For Helping Gauravonomics Become the Best Business Indiblog of the Year


The Indibloggies results are out and I’m delighted to tell you that Gauravonomics has been votes as the Best Business Indiblog of the Year.

Here are some other names I recognize on the winners list: GreatBong Arnab Roy (Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind) has won the Best Indiblog and the Best Humorous Indiblog awards, Amit Agarwal (Digital Inspiration) has won the Best Science and Technology Indiblog award, and Santosh Ramdoss and team (ThinkChange India) has won the Best Group Indiblog award. There was a time when I knew every other blogger in India, but the Indian blogosphere is too big now to keep track of it on a one-to-one-level.

I am grateful to everyone who reads Gauravonomics. I want you to know that you are some of the most important people in my life. A significant part of my self-image and social life is built around you, and I am able to run 2020 Social because you choose to pay attention to me, ask me for advice, refer me to potential clients, and sometimes engage us yourself. Awards like the Indibloggies are important for me because they underline this relationship between us. Thank you.

As CEO of 2020 Social, I build and nurture online communities for Indian and international clients, connect their customers, partners and employees, and help them achieve their business objectives. Ask us how we can help you.

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