Tell Me Something Good

I got badly let down by a client last week, had the rug pulled on an exciting gig that’s been in the diary since last November. I’m also wrestling with the unresponsive accounts payable department from hell with another client. These things have thrown me off track in recent days. The challenges aren’t simply going to evaporate, and having reflected on the first month of 2019 – there are some really good things going on too. For now, I’m choosing to focus on them.

Art In The Sun

2019 kicked off with a new community art class designed to introduce people to new skills in a highly experimental way. So far we’ve tackled mark making, colour theory, abstraction, presentation, salt glazed paint, and illustration. The shape of the group ebbs and flows each week, and what has remained constant so far is a willingness to experiment, and encourage.

Making Art

I’ve made and sold two A4 sketches in the last month. I also completed a commission for a client in Texas, shipped some prints, and have received two new vinyl junkie commissions. In the next two weeks I will complete my submission to the Royal Academy summer exhibition.

Developing My Practice

Since offering to help with LnDcowork in London I’ve helped successfully co hosted the first session of 2019, and the second one, at a new venue, is in the pipeline for February.

Milton Keynes Gallery has received my application for one of their Associate Artist posts.

Arts Network Sutton has received my application for a grant to help celebrate the forthcoming third anniversary of the free art project.

Early signs of a mystery pig related project are showing promise…

I’m pleased I decided to write this. It doesn’t make the daily grind of freelancing go away, and it does remind me there are plenty of good things happening too.

What’s going well for you?

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