Telecom maker giant Huawei sues its rival ZTE for patent and copyright infringments

Huawei ZTE lawsuits

China’s largest telecom equipment maker, Huawei today filed lawsuits in Germany, France, and Hungary against its competitor, ZTE Corporation for patent and copy right infringements. According to a press release, Huawei claims that ZTE is infringing a series of its patents relating to data card and LTE technologies and also, illegally using a Huawei-related trademark.

According to Huawei’s Chief Legal Officer, Dr. Song Liuping, “Huawei was compelled to initiate this action in order to protect our innovations and registered intellectual property in Europe. Our objective is to stop the illegal use of Huawei’s intellectual property and resolve this dispute through negotiation so that our technology is used in a lawful manner.”

Huawei serves 45 of the world’s largest 50 telecom operators. Recently, its rival ZTE announced its shift to the thriving smartphones market; aiming to become one of the world’s top three tablet producers and one of the world’s top-five maker of Android smartphones this year.

Both ZTE and Huawei are close competitors in the fourth generation mobile broadband implementation in Malaysia. Today, Malaysian telecommunications provider DiGi appoints ZTE Corporation, China’s second largest telecom equipment provider, for the deployment of LTE-ready network (Long Term Evolution, LTE). With the deployment, DiGi network can immediately achieve download speed of up to 42Mbps using HSPA+ and reach 4 times faster, once 4G spectrum becomes available.

Both WiMax broadband provider P1 and mobile telecommunication provider U Mobile Sdn Bhd already announced the appointment of ZTE for their LTE deployment. Two leading Malaysian mobile telecommunication Maxis and Celcom partner with Huawei.

Patent infringement lawsuit is relatively common in the technology sector. Recent example: Apple-Samsung lawsuits and Kodak vs Samsung, LG for mobile camera patent violations.

Full Press Release by Huawei on the lawsuits

Huawei Moves to Protect its Patent and Trademarks with Legal Action in Europe

Telecom maker giant Huawei sues its rival ZTE for patent and copyright infringments originally appeared on on April 28, 2011.

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