TED Fellows 2014: Wooohoo!

TED at 30 years Begins

The TED Fellows program is a global network of 300 innovators and trailblazers from a spectrum of disciplines. Every year, TED adds 40 additional amazing change-makers to join the pack.
Some Highlights…

Shubhendu Sharma
Reforestation Expert, India
Cars can teach forests how to grow
Sharma leveraged Toyota’s Heijunka and Kaizen standardized processes to forest-making, composting and more

Aziz Abu Sarah
Middle Eastern American peace activist that offers bridge-building tours led by both Israeli and Palestinian guides. e.g., Having tourists visit a Palestinian refugee camp: “Imagine if the one billion people who travel internationally every year traveled like this. Actually connecting with people. A Muslim group from the UK went to house of an [Israeli family], having Sabbath dinner together…realizing that 100 years ago their families came out of the same place in North Africa….
This is the future of travel.”

Sergie Lupashin
Aerial Robotics Researcher, USA/Switzerland
In the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane…
Cue Camera 3!
Lupashin developed Photo Kite as he was inspired by 2011 Russian Federal elections photographers who took aerial photos of the protests. But those hovering devices were heavy, dangerous. The Photo Kite — a small quadra-copter is tethered to its owner with essentially a lightweight dog leash. During his session, Lupashin launched three at a time, with all three sending live camera feeds. Then he asked…
“If you had this, what would you do with it?”

Eric Berlow
Ecological Networks Scientist, USA
Best soundbites so far… When describing the Fellows network:
“Unexpected mismatches made in heaven.”
Quoting Fellow Camilo Rodriguez-Bertran, who calls himself a…
“Cross-disciplinary collaboration slut.”

Our future is in great hands.
And the best is yet to come!

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