Technological Advancements for Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a constantly developing field, and you need to be proactive about getting your positions out there. Don’t assume that your ideal candidates will somehow find their way to the vacancies you post on job boards on their own – passive candidates most likely won’t – so go to them. Technology is making it all the more easier to source better talent quicker and efficiently, while continuing to juggle the many tasks involved with cinching the right hire.

To that end, get these three technological tools under your talent acquisition belt:

1. Mobile recruiting: Your careers website should be mobile-friendly, and stocked with easily-accessible links to social media pages, talent community registration, employer branding messages, and the recruitment team. For candidates who do not want to apply via mobile (perhaps because it is difficult to upload their CV), give them an option to send themselves an e-mail reminder to apply when they are at their desktop computer.

2. Social recruiting: If you are not yet using social media to get your employer brand out there and engaging with candidates, get started today. Begin by creating pages on the Big 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Include links on your careers website, and even on your company e-mail signature. The focus should be on building your presence, listening, contributing and interacting with your ideal talent pool. (GooodJob’s free Facebook Careers Tab is a great way to get into the game.)

3. Employee referrals: Get the best of the benefits of #1 and #2 by integrating mobile and social capabilities into an app for your employee referral program (GooodJob Mobile is a good example). Employee referrals are a proven top source-of-hire, so bring it up to speed technology-wise. Give your workforce the opportunity to submit referrals on the go, and access a much larger talent pool by enabling them to share your jobs with their social media connections. Suddenly, your referral program will speak the “language” of your employees, who are already using mobile devices and using them to connect regularly with their social networks. By making it relevant to their everyday activities, you will better engage and motivate them – and increase participation rates.


Recruiters, the “post and pray” method is out – it’s time to take charge of your talent acquisition process. Build talent communities, engage with candidates, and make your team available. Present a concise and clear employer brand, and create ongoing dialogues. Today’s technology offers so many opportunities to reach out to candidates on a deeper, less superficial, more personal level, so use these tools to your advantage.

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