Tech Startup: Designing an Office that Boosts Productivity

Many successful companies employ life/work balance as a critical part of their work ethics and environment. According to that philosophy, the office design is directly related to corporate motivation, loyalty, and productivity. Modern tech companies are embracing design concepts that boost creativity and freedom of independent thought by building on the history of a workplace and designing an environment where people actually like spending time. Here are a few tips from their experience.

Lighting that motivates

Imagine an office with bright, unobstructed atmosphere that caters to innovative design without distractions. An ideal office lighting needs to upgrade the room without becoming a focal point. In many ways, a lighting designer is like a film director; if the lighting is done correctly, the audience won’t even notice it. It will blend into the set and feel almost natural. If upgraded with brightness sensors, employees will have the illusion of constant lighting level, which will help them stay concentrated. Once prevalent in office spaces, fluorescent bulbs are becoming phased out by various LED-based alternatives, which not only give away more natural light, but also last longer and use less power. Those qualities alone make them ideal for startup companies.

Eye of the colour

The relation between colour and how people behave in their surroundings has been established long ago. There are colours and shades that inspire different levels of motivation and feelings. Office environment is not an exception. Organizations are now implementing colour theory into their office design strategies.

  • A tech startup may initially choose red, an invigorating colour that promotes an aggressive industry that is constantly changing and evolving. At the sight of red, our blood pressure rises, leading to increased levels of motivation.
  • Green is related to contemplative and analytical states. In a busy tech startup setting, a green corner may provide a place for staff to relax and divert their thoughts towards innovation.
  • As a royal colour that influences critical thinking, purple is often reserved for meeting rooms and boardrooms.
  • Blue was found to slow the heart rate and calm the mind, so it is often used in high-stress office spaces.

Benefits of biophilic designs

According to biophilic theory, all humans have an innate tendency to seek connection with nature and other forms of life. Greenery and green spaces stimulate positive vibes, reduce stress and improve air quality in the office. Not only do they look great, but also promote mental health and well-being. Open space offices have many benefits, but they can also be increasingly distracting places. By incorporating green elements like living walls, oases or lush fountains, businesses are able to improve their staff attention. Many people still dismiss green spaces as a background filler, while in reality, they should take a focal point of a room.

Winning layouts

Over the years, leading office design pundits have debated and moved back and forth between two most prevalent office design concepts – cubicles and open plan offices. One can offer a middle ground and the best of both worlds to create a perfect space. Successful office design companies often rely on a partnership between construction and design teams to provide their clients with optimal ommercial office design and fitouts. The result is a lean business model that is based on asking the right questions and listening to client’s answers.

A combination of modern lighting solutions that create aesthetically pleasing and unified atmosphere and psychologically associated colour schemes has the power to transform a bland and uninspiring office into a workplace where people like to be. By choosing the layout that encourages innovation and stimulates the minds of new millennial workers, tech startups can make a big step toward increased productivity.


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