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Talent Management Best Practices and the Dog Days of Summer

We are in the midst of the so-called “Dog Days of Summer” – which according to Wikipedia is a name given by the ancient Greeks and Romans to the time period when Sirius the “Dog Star” (at least back in those days) rose just before or at the same time as sunrise. The Romans apparently believed that […]
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We are in the midst of the so-called “Dog Days of Summer” – which according to Wikipedia is a name given by the ancient Greeks and Romans to the time period when Sirius the “Dog Star” (at least back in those days) rose just before or at the same time as sunrise. The Romans apparently believed that the star was the cause of the hot, sultry weather in the northern hemisphere at this time of year.

In modern times this period is when many people take a summer vacation or otherwise relax before a new school year begins and businesses gear up for the final quarter. This means it can also be a good time for HR professionals to reflect and evaluate how they are doing on their plans and goals for the year: Are you on track? Have you instituted the changes you had targeted when the year was young? What do you still need to do to support the organization’s strategic goals for the year?

Late in 2010 Taleo provided a short whitepaper that described “10 Talent Management Best Practices for 2011,” and now is a great time to review and determine what progress you have made in each area.

  1. Move Recruiting Online. Going beyond simply having a careers web site, have you started taking it to the next level with smart screening that automates ranking and skills assessments to select the most qualified candidates and reduce time to hire? Are you leveraging candidate profiles so you can easily track everything from email correspondence to interview results to job offers?

  2. Source Smarter. Are you using smart sourcing capabilities that expand your search and speed up your processes by automating the posting of job descriptions to social networks and hundreds of free and paid job boards? Are you using predictive ranking to optimize your job board spending?

  3. Extend Your Reach with Social Recruiting. Are you going beyond active job seekers and reaching candidates who may not even realize they’re looking? Are you using social media to get in front of millions of high-quality passive job seekers who have the skills, experience, and certifications you need?

  4. Get Employees Up to Speed Faster. How many of your employees consider quitting after the first day because of a poor initial experience? What are you doing to lower that percentage? How are you engaging your new employees on day one, making them feel valued and comfortable as soon as they begin employment with your organization? And how are you optimizing your onboarding processes so that they are standard and repeatable, thereby reducing costs in addition to delivering the improved new hire experience and immediate productivity boost?

  5. Align Goals and Objectives Across Your Organization. Are you ensuring that your workforce is performing at the highest levels, by making sure everyone is working on the right – and current – goals? After all, goals and objectives change throughout the year – has your performance management solution adapted along with them? To do this, are you encouraging ongoing communication on individual goals and how they align with organizational objectives?

  6. Transform Performance Reviews. In supporting goal alignment, have you moved away from cumbersome, disjointed, annual performance reviews and implemented performance reviews that occur regularly with work, in an automated and integrated way? Is your performance management system leading employees to feel valued, providing managers with a clear line of sight into business objectives, and allowing executives to know exactly how the workforce is performing at any point in time?

  7. Implement Ongoing Learning. What have you done to support a culture of ongoing learning, where individuals remain engaged by building their desired career paths, and the organization benefits by having an increased workforce better aligned with organizational goals? And while formal training certainly has its place, have you started or continued the journey of better enabling informal and social learning?

  8. Gain Insight into Your Workforce. In what ways have you increased the Talent Intelligence data available so that you and your business leaders can make the right business decisions to support organizational growth? Do you have immediate visibility into the historical and real-time performance of your workforce so that you can manage your most valuable asset – your workforce – effectively?

  9. Create a Pay-for-Performance Culture. Have you used performance metrics to develop a pay-for-performance culture or establish other innovative compensation approaches that better engage your workforce?

  10. Build a Leadership Pipeline. What new approaches are you using to identify, engage, and retain top performers and high potentials so that you can avoid future business disruptions? Do you have succession plans in place for all of the critical positions in the organization? Have you built out a strong talent pool from internal and external sources by linking your recruiting and succession planning processes? What have you done to improve talent mobility in your organization?

So overall, how are you doing so far this year? What process or technology changes have you made in each of the areas above? There is still time left in the year, and Taleo’s tools for recruiting, onboarding, compensation, performance management, learning and development, and more can help you achieve each of these strategic goals. 

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