Taking time to read

While I have been woefully negligent in writing, I am can say with great enthusiasm, it’s because I have been reading.

Reading some really good stuff.

One of my favorite topics right now is mediation. Not meditation, mediation.  A fabulous book on the subject if The Mediation Process by Christopher Moore.  All 600 pages of it.

Speaking of mediation, if you are in the Grand Rapids area, the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan is holding its General Civil Mediation training. To say that it’s life changing doesn’t do the training or the trainers justice; if you are interested, sign up.  It’s fantastic.

I have also discovered Net Galley.  I have a number of fabulous books in the pipeline as well.  Currently, I am reviewing a book for first time job hunters.  Best thing?  All the books are free!

Happy reading.

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