Take a stand and do something for the greater good

take_a_standWe are currently re-profiling our company and I love the new package. I have decided to take up the challenge of one of our new values to take on a social responsibility. This could be anything from keeping the sidewalk clean, helping less fortunate, volunteer or anything that makes you take a stand. So I did. I have currently been going to political meetings for a couple of weeks and I feel home. That is why I want to share this experience with you as I think it is relevant to this blog.

Engage to Recharge
I have been a father of two, I have a demanding job and I thought there were no place for exchanging relaxing time with engaging time. So what do I experience all of a sudden? I experience an energy boost, I am getting to use my mind for something else than work and family. I am getting mental input and I suddenly have something new to discuss with my wife. I feel that my life is aligning even a little more. For sure I am happy to start with but in life I have learned one thing…

…Do something bigger than you
It feels nice to do something that isn’t selfish, something to help others in whatever way we chose. I do believe that any human has the capacity of doing something great for others. And you as well hold this capacity.  “Always set the trail, never follow the path” – Unkown.

Basic Human Needs
So why is it vital to engage? I need to tell you a story to explain this. My wife is a wonderful woman, and she hates to bother other people. She suddenly needed a favor from a family member abroad to get hold of some books. For days she walked around dreading the moment when she needed to ask for this favor. I then told her, people love the feeling of being useful, when you ask for help and this favor is something that they can master as well. Humans love the feeling of being useful to others. So do not be afraid to ask for help! But that is not quite the point.

By being useful to others you suddenly have more meaning in your life. This is why engaging in volunteer work or similar activities are such great benefit to your mental health. I am strongly advising you to take a stand and do something for the greater good.

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