Take a Stand: A St. Patty’s Tale

For several years, just after college, I lived in Syracuse, New York. Not far from us was the neighborhood of Tipperary Hill, a mostly-Irish neighborhood for almost 200 years.

There’s a lesson in that neighborhood about taking a stand for what matters to you…And never relenting!

To the best of my knowledge, it is the only place in our country with a traffic light where the green light is on top.

The city first installed traffic signal lights in 1925. Local Irish youths — pissed that the “British” red appeared above the “Irish” green — kept throwing stones at and breaking the red light. This went on for several years until both New York State and the city of Syracuse relented.

Since 1928, Tipperary Hill’s one traffic light has the green on top.

The point…
For whatever matters to you, take a stand. Be relentless.
(Hopefully, without breaking the law. But, who knows, maybe you can change the law!)

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