Take 30 Minutes to Tackle 21 Myths in Employee Engagement

Don’t myth out on Employee Engagement

30 minutes on employee engagement. When is the last time you spent 30 minutes thinking about employee engagement? What myths surround employee engagement and how do they influence your outlook and actions? David Zinger’s research highlights a series of myths that are associated with employee engagement. These are myths we work by that may not be working for us.

Transforming our myths. Joseph Campbell believed that if myths are to continue to fulfill their vital functions in our modern world, they must continually transform and evolve as older mythologies, untransformed, simply do not address the realities of contemporary life, particularly with regard to the changing cosmological and sociological realities of each new era. The question therefore needs to be asked: Are we operating from an old employee engagement mythology?

21 myths we work with. The 21 myths range from Employee engagement is a noun not a verb to Executive, leaders, and managers are not seen as employees.

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