Tackling Our Froms and Tos

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James Beshara
Co-Founder, Crowdtilt

From Building a Product to Building a Company. “Going from having my hands on everything to building a company where I’ve got to learn to work through others to get things done.

“We like the macro disruptive changes as a startup…Those are great…Those are opportunities. But those aren’t challenges. The biggest challenges in my life are the micro disruptions in how vastly different it is to build a product and build a company.

“As a personal control freak — going from having my hands and eyes on everything to now working through other individuals — that’s a really big change that’s a constant daily challenge.”

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Let’s Disrupt This!
You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or live James’ life to ‘get’ his challenge. We’re all experiencing, living it. 

Every day each of us is encountering some disruptive change that requires us to go FROM one way of being TO a new way of being. 

Know that you are not alone. Everyone else is experiencing the same thing. 

Know that the best way through it is to seek out others who are going through a similar FROM and TO.

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