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I wanted to write a brief post (another coming later today though) sharing the fact that I am now going to begin syndicating my blog with the recently formed Periscope Group.  I am excited about their leadership and their focus on providing common sense approaches to business strategy and I am honored when they reached out to have me take part.

For those of you interested in learning more about the Periscope Group, here are a few words from Aaron Howard:

The Periscope Group is a weblog focused on driving growth through the winning combination of leadership and emerging technologies.
Every company faces the need for growth in 2010 and beyond. Unfortunately, the sluggish economic recovery has made growth more difficult than any other time in recent history and business leaders are facing demanding customers, disengaged employees and struggling with satisfactory shareholder results. We believe the key to growth lies in connecting employees with customers and engaging both groups in a powerful new way. Business leaders with vision have an amazing opportunity to use emerging technologies, such as social media, to build trusted customer communities and these communities enable direct and intimate customer relationships. We like to say that while 2009 was the year of opinion that 2010 will follow with practice. Employees and customers have figured out that there is a really big forum out there where they can connect, share ideas, vent and cannot be ignored. Excuses for not knowing what is being said or what to do about it are passé and should be seen as an opportunity to truly know your customers. It is our belief that this winning combination of visionary leadership and emerging technologies creates a lasting partnership between companies, employees and their customers – It is the path to growth!

Stay tuned as I expect to see big things from this work in progress.  Knowing Aaron, very big things will be on the way.


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