Symposium / HR Review Webinar: Strategic HR

I’ve been a bit quiet here recently, but I’ve been busy, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be busy for, so I’ve wanted to focus on my current work for as long as I can.
But anyway, so far, not that much has changed – for me. I’ve been delivering virtually for an increasing amount of my work over the last five years, and this has suddenly now become 100%, but it’s just a quantitative rather than a qualitative shift. So far.
Which I’m hoping will continue. I run my own company, which my wife also works through, and we just pay ourselves a minimal salary and take most of our earnings as dividends. So none of the billions being poured into furloughing etc are going to help us much, if work does dry up.
Still, we’re safe and well, which remains our priority at the moment. I hope all regular or passing readers of this blog are fit and healthy too.

And business is changing – dramatically and hugely quickly. So if you need any support with that, give me a call.

One of my main face-to-face activities over the last five – actually nearly ten years has been delivering training courses on different strategic HR topics with Symposium. That’s well over 200 conducts and 2500 people trained now.
This will make interactivity a little challenging, but we’ll find ways to make it work.
As an introduction to the trainings and the technology, we’ve pre-recorded this session on Strategic HR. This is something I often talk about on many of my courses, so doing it this way enables me to taken the value triangle and value chain as understood, and move on to how these are applied within different topics.
In the webinar I suggest that most of how we think about strategic HR just isn’t. And so we need to revisit and rethink. So do take a look, and if you think it would be appropriate, book for one of the courses too.
You do need to register with BrightTalk but they’ve got lots of other great content (including the HR Review webinars) you can then check out too.
And let me know what you think…

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I graduated from Imperial College, London in 1987 and joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a systems development consultant. After ten years in IT, change and then HR consulting, I joined Ernst & Young as an HR Director, working firstly in the UK, and then, based in Moscow, covering the former USSR.More recently, I have worked as Head of HR Consulting for Penna and Director of Human Capital Consulting for Buck Consultants (the HR consultancy owned by ACS).

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