Surveys Surveys Everywhere: Likert or Not

How long since your last request to complete a “short” survey?

How do you like this poem:

  1. great
  2. okay
  3. terrible
  4. this is a poem?

We are barraged by surveys.

Every time we turn around we are asked to rate a website, a restaurant, a politician,  or laundry lint.

This nonstop rating is getting grating

Doesn’t anyone know how they are doing without having to send out yet another survey.

We unleashed one million survey monkeys  creating a million forms to suck out opinion into charts and  graphs.

I don’t really want to give my opinion and please don’t create a survey to get my opinion on this.

We have let a reasonable tool, that is far too easy to use, proliferate into a number crunching insatiable data virus.

This is just my opinion, you can’t have it,  and that’s the way I Likert!

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