Survey on the use of media elements in e-learning

I was very interested to take advantage of Karl Kapp’s recommendation to participate in a survey on the use of various combinations of media elements in e-learning. This follows up nicely from the series of posts I made recently for Onlignment under the heading The Elements of Online Communication and the e-book which followed, Media Chemistry.

The survey is being conducted by Dan Bilton in preparation for an I/ITSEC conference paper. He needs at least 100 responses, so do go ahead and participate. Here’s what Dan has to say:

The goal of this survey is to gather information about how instructional designers use both text and audio in their design approaches and to identify the approaches that are considered the most effective.

The first page of the survey asks about your experiences on e-learning projects. The second page covers your opinions on the effectiveness of different e-learning approaches based on a set of e-learning examples and your use of audio and text in e-learning. Click the link to open a new window and review the examples. Links to the examples are provided throughout the survey, so you don’t have to view them prior to starting the survey.

Also, please consider sharing this survey, if you know of other people or groups that might have opinions about how to best use audio and text in e-Learning. If you would like a summary of the results, please e-mail us. A report of the results will be available a few months after the conclusion of the survey.

We appreciate your time and thank you in advance your participation.

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