Superheroes Can’t Fix the Economy

According to early reports, March unemployment figures are showing that the job market is continuing along its path of moderate growth. If true, this will make 25 consecutive months of private sector job gains in the United States. Analysts and others are cautiously optimistic about the country’s economic recovery.

This is so boring to talk about. This economy is a beast. Millions are un- or under-employed, people’s net worth has shrunk to a fraction of what it was previously, and the social safety net is strained. There’s no immediate relief from this. 

Who will fix this? Who will save us?

They say truth is stranger than fiction but sometimes I wish reality followed more closely along fictional lines. If it did a hero would appear over the horizon, ready to overcome the enemy at hand and restore justice to the people. Or perhaps, before losing all hope, I would discover a secret, long dormant object of power, like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. Maybe it would be a scroll, found somewhere in Africa. Where in Africa–who cares? All that’s important is that it would be just the thing to save the day.

Maybe my real parents were aliens–something I long suspected but could never confirm–and at some opportune time they would return to me and, after an extended and somewhat awkward reconciliation period, I would manifest the ability to correct centuries of mistakes, cruelty, and neglect on my adopted planet. Or maybe I would just use my superior alien technology to conquer it, restoring peace through force.

If life was more like fiction maybe, in a fit of anger and filled with a desire for revenge against an enemy that stole my life, I would travel to an ancient place. In this place I would be able to train my mind, body, and soul so that I may return home to defeat said enemy. If given a choice I would choose Shaolin temple, because they’re awesome.

But reality is not so malleable to my fantasies, and the problems that we all face today–an uncertain economic future, ongoing and pervasive social issues–will not be solved by a superhuman effort on the part of any one person, no matter how talented. It requires that we admit that we are scared. It requires that we desire to want to fix the issues before us, more so than placing blame or focusing efforts on protecting what you may believe is yours and only yours. It requires that we all put forward our best efforts, and work on changing our future, one step at a time.

We can all be heroes, if we just choose to make it so.

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