Study confirms US dominance of Twitter

A study by Royal Pingdom, which looked through three weeks worth of tweets from 21 Oct – 11 Nov, confirms that Twitter is still very much a US dominated network.

The average number of tweets per hour showed a dip between 8am – 1pm Central European Time (or between 7am – Noon GMT), when Europeans get into work but still the middle of the night for the US.   But at the same time, things clearly picked up around 4pm central Europe, or 10am East Coast US, so near the start of the American working day.

Royal Pingdom also found that people tweet a lot at work with activity going down at weekends.   This shows that Twitter’s ‘power users’ – the 5% who account for 75% of tweets according to a separate study by Sysomos – are biased towards professionals who have Twitter open in the office even though they might be broadcasting personal messages.

That previous study by Sysomos confirms Twitter’s US and also anglophone bias.   Sysomos found that 62% of users were in the US with the UK trailing far behind in second place with 8%.   Canada had 5% of users and Australia 3%.

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