Structuring Effective Employee Training Programs

employee trainingThe greatest asset to an organization are its people. But many organizations underestimate the power in investing in their employees, which can lead to increased profit, higher retention, and happy employees. On the flip side, a main reason people leave their jobs is they don’t feel prepared or challenged for their new position, or they don’t feel they can add value to the company.

By providing learning and growth opportunities for employees, you have a greater chance of retaining staff. How do successful companies retain great employees? They train them!

Besides ensuring new employees are familiar with the company, there are many benefits of training:

    • Helps improve employee morale and satisfaction, improving attendance and retention,
    • Requires less supervision, allowing managers to spend less time mentoring and more time working, 
    • Leads to increased productivity, and 
    • Helps companies avoid accidents and mistakes.

Establish a Mentor Program

The best way for a new employee to learn the ropes is through on-the-job training. Through a mentoring or apprenticeship program, you can ensure that new employees understand the company culture and expectations for getting the job done. Some employees don’t make the 90-day probation window because they spend too much time simply trying to figure out the landscape. By pairing a new employee with a mentor, explaining expectations, and training your staff, you will know for sure if the new staffer will stay beyond the 90-day window.

Create Training Programs

You don’t always have to send people out of the office for high-quality training. Effective and less expensive training methods include webinars, in-house best practice trainings, team building exercises, leadership assessment tools, and brainstorming sessions. The bottom line is, train to retain!

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