Strides: An Employee Engagement Tool for Project Management

Creativity, imagination, ambition and teamwork. These basic human qualities used to make amazing things. Then, during the Industrial Revolution, machines started revolutionizing the way people worked. When the PC was born, office productivity soared. But then, the very technology that was supposed to help us started coming between us. We e-mailed more and connected less. We held more meetings, but accomplished less. To combat this issue, Strides was created to bring people together and transform managers and supervisors into coaches.

Strides is a lightweight social application that allows managers and employees to coordinate work efforts together in real time. It’s a simple tool that blends the principles of enterprise social networking with efficient task management. They use technology to refocus work on people – not on projects or processes. By focusing on the mission at hand, employees and teams work toward a goal and break down communication barriers.

Plus, the application has a built-in gamification feature. Employees are given a sense of accomplishment when they work together to achieve goals, accomplish tasks and create objectives.

Acting as a home base for employees, Strides provides context to create meaning and produce value within an organization.

Experience this new way to work for yourself. While not available to the public yet, you can join a limited private beta by visiting their site and signing up. Check out the video below for a brief introduction to the social application.


Strides – A New Way to Play the Game of Work from Get Strides on Vimeo.

Do you think social applications are an effective way of motivating and engaging employees? Why or why not? With regards to Strides, do you think they have a place in the market today? Leave a comment and let’s get the discussion started.

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