Strengths Based Employee Engagement (Daily Engagement)

Walden 2.0: A focus on daily employee engagement.

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Daily employee engagement. This is a regular reporting of a one year project monitoring, measuring, and assessing daily employee engagement. You can see the  original project plan, intention, measures and tools by  clicking here.

This specific entry will not focus on the ongoing data collection, I will offer that in a future post. Today, I  will focus on strength-based approaches to work.

Know your strengths – be engaged. I have been keeping track of my daily engagement from the start of the year. One variable I measure is how much I live and leverage my strengths. I have used both StrengthsFinder 2.0 and the VIA Survey of Character Strengths instruments to determine strengths. I completed these instruments years ago but find that I am not getting maximum leverage from my own strengths. In addition I believe we don’t engage in strengths just for strengths sake — we apply our strengths to results.

Overcoming strength myopia. I wanted to enhance my personal strengths applied to results. To enhance this I created a personal diagram applying my personal top 5 strengths from StrengthsFinder 2.0 to results. It is a visual aid and an identified pathway to meaningful results and helps me overcome any strength myopia. There was a refocusing of strengths by taking time to draw the diagram and now when I think about my strengths, I visualize them better while also seeing them more directed towards meaningful results.

Personal strength based management/leadership. My personal pathway of Gallup strengths is to fuse (1) maximizing strengths with(2)  strategic approaches to results with a (3) positive orientation with (4) generating many ideas with (5) empathy for others — all fused together to give strength and engagement to hit the center of my results target.

Click on the sketch below to see a larger version of the diagram:

David Zinger Strengths

Your personal and daily strength based employee engagement.

  • Do you know your strengths? (if not what is stopping you?)
  • Do you use your strengths daily? (anything less than daily an anemic)
  • Do you leverage them in the service of others and results? (strengths are for more than ourselves)
  • Sketch out your strengths to derive more engagement benefit from a strength based approach to work.
  • Start holding powerful and engaged strength based work discussions with co-workers.


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