Strengthen Workplace Communication and Independent Learning

Workplace LearningIf communication technology is useful in advancing business, how come social media distracts employees? Cell phones buzzing, tablets chirping, and windows popping up on PCs often indicate employees are socializing. But does it mean their socialization is unproductive?

When used effectively, social media can strengthen workplace communication and encourage independent learning. With the fusion on these elements, it is possible to increase business output.

To maximize efforts in these areas, it is important for a company to use a system that combines social media with operational capabilities. A social learning management system (LMS), for instance, allows casual sharing among teammates to become implemented action. This is because social media and business operations take place on the same platform.

Using an LMS to host social media communication and encourage independent learning can strengthen a workplace in three ways:

Three Ways Social Media Advances the Workplace

1.       Social Media Makes Teamwork Fun

Much of the general population utilizes social media platforms regularly. In fact, during in-house meetings an employee may be more interactive online than in person. Regardless of where a person is located physically, he or she can often be found online. By using these tools to collaborate on team projects, communicate with supervisors and peers, and post updates about relevant findings, a person can increase his or her engagement with the work community.

2.       Social Media is Engaging

More so, social media engages people in a way the physical work environment cannot. Throughout the course of a day, an individual’s social media accounts are accessed constantly. Posting project updates and deadline reminders can ensure all employees have their purposes and schedules aligned.

3.       Social Media Encourages Independent Learning

When social media communication is encouraged, employees are able to collaborate in passive ways. For instance, should someone from I.T. post an article about WordPress, a team member in the communications department may learn something new that helps the company’s blogging initiative. Creating a workplace network on social people gives employees permission and purpose in sharing news, information, and resources.

These benefits can advance any business setting and are especially prized for teams that are located remotely.

For some time, companies have been implementing social media into business settings with mixed reviews. To ensure social media is used as a tool that advances communication and encourages independent learning, it is important to introduce social media as a tool that exists within a larger system.

A social learning management system offers this functionality to businesses that want to reach new heights of success. Social media can be a catalyst to growth when used effectively.

After implementing social media practices, consider testing its success: watch the next time an employee’s phone buzzes. Is it for business?

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
[email protected]

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