You want to set people’s minds on fire? You better be able to tell a good story. Stories have magic to them. They draw you in. As you listen to a story, you tell another story to yourself. This wires the tale into your neural circuits.

Terrence Gargiulo helps organizations learn through stories. He lives in Carmel Valley. During my research month in Carmel, we had several conversations about what makes story-telling so valuable a tool for 21C leaders (that’s all of us).

The breeze on Terrence’s patio seemed so subtle during our conversation… until I played back the recording. Please forgive both the choppiness and wind noises on these videos. Try to listen; the lessons are worthwhile. And the videos are short.

Stories transport culture. As written words and numbers become less important in conveying meaning than images and sounds, I expect the business world to reawaken to the power of stories.

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