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Cory Doctorow
Author, Homeland

“I was very priviledged to have worked at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and two of my heroes founded EFF: Mitch Kapor, the creator of Lotus, and John Gilmore, who founded the first ISP. They really changed and challenged my thinking. 

“Years ago, I was at a conference and Mitch was going to be debating the head of the Recording Industry Association of America, Hillary Rosen. We were talking about EFF’s position on this and I gave him a lot of research on the impact of downloading on music sales and whether or not downloading was a net positive for music. 

“He said, ‘All this doesn’t matter. No where in the constitution does it say ‘You will have the right to make money selling music on plastic disks forever. Even if this was terrible for the record industry, there’s no way we can stop it. What we need to be talking about is the impact of the Internet on this fool’s errand.’ 

“Mitch really nailed it. If you want a perfect statement about disruption, it’s that. What that conversation did was make me reframe my thinking from: Is [any disruptive change] good or bad? To: [The disruptive change exists,] how do I make the most of it. No one got rich by stamping their feet indignantly.”
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Let’s Disrupt This!
Doctorow’s Aha is at the center of every debate about every disruptive change. Those who try to slow down or ignore or complain about disruptive changes are just wasting time, or worse — setting themselves up for failure. 

The only path forward is to figure out how to take advantage of the biggest disruptions coming at you.

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