Stop Presenting: Tell Stories!

“I only have only one set of grandparents. Now follow this… My father’s father met my mother’s mother. And they divorced the other spouses… (pause: audience laughter)… and they married each other.”

“This passenger comes onboard with a garbage bag. Late September 2001 this gave me pause. Worse, he kept his hand on it while it was in the overhead. I asked if he was traveling for business or pleasure. He said ‘Neither. I came to New York because my son was a first responder at Ground Zero. He died there. I came to pick up his uniform, in this bag, which is all I have left of him.’ At that moment, I remembered why I was there, why I took this job. For that piece of time, while people are in my care, I am a part of their lives.”

In one of my most-downloaded freebie tools, The Ultimate Ten-Page Presentation, I plead with everyone… Stop presenting! Tell stories… Create dialogue.

If you want to know how to do that within a presentation context, if you haven’t already done so, immediately check out TED and Ignite

But if you truly want to understand great storytelling, check out The Moth, live and online, or on NPR radio. The two story excerpts above are a sampling of what you can see and hear via The Moth.

The Moth is a non-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. We can all circle ’round the campfire and learn a lot from these amazing storytellers…because the telling and listening to and spreading of stories is hard-wired into who we are as human beings.

Bonus: Here’s a Fast Company article, Why Storytelling is the Ultimate Weapon.

Want to feel more connected to all of humanity? Want to produce better results at work? Want to have more fun? Get more connected to your roots. Sit in on more storytelling. Tell more stories.

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