Steve the top Wheeler and Dealer

This morning I spent an enjoyable 30 minutes with Stephen Clee of iVIDiQ, looking at enhancements to his intelligent cloud-based presentation system (see my previous post on Presentations in the Cloud). I really like this system and the way it combines video with the presentation slides, and the way it allows you to easily random-access particular points in a presentation by referring to a slide or by searching for tags drawn from the slides themselves or added by hand.

All the presentations from the Learning Technologies 2012 conference in London this January are up on the iVIDiQ system, which is a fabulous resource. As you’ll see if you go to the home page where all the presentations are listed, you can see how many views each video has received. As I understand from Steve that the promotion of these presentations has been undertaken primarily by speakers themselves using their own social networks, this gives a great indication as to who has the most vibrant network. Topping the charts was not any of the keynote speakers (Jaron Lanier, Ray Kurzwell or even Edward de Bono – who’s the only one not yet to have approved his video) but good old Tim Buckteeth himself, Steve Wheeler, who at the time of writing has had 3952 views of his Digital Learning Futures.

Well done Steve. Perhaps this plug will get you to 4000.

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