Stay focused on your goals

It happened this morning. I woke up, looked around, and realized…. I have no money coming in unless I go out and earn it myself. Cool….

While it easy for any business owner to look at their sales pipeline with a degree of worry this has to be very common for the foolish (er… Inspired) person just getting started. However, as I have always told people, understand your goals, develop your strategies, and execute like mad.

For a new business owner, I think it’s particularly easy to lose focus, chasing every chance for revenue without regard to how it impacts the bigger picture of what you are trying to build… The same is true, of course, for any organization… Remember your goals, stay focused and relaxed. Life is full of ups and downs and your journey, rather it is building a new business, a marketing or product plan, or just getting up in the morning, will reflect this.

Stay focused. Have fun. See you out there.


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