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It has been some time since I devoted the time to sharing my thoughts in my own, personal blog.  

Sure, I’ve ’sold out’ and invested my writing time to support the blogging/social media efforts of my clients and various companies, but my own thoughts and opinions have been held professionally hostage for a number of years.  Truly a sad story I know…your overwhelming sympathy is appreciated.  But no more ‘victim’ speeches here…it’s time I reinvested in my own collection of misfit ideas and shared them with my eager audiences (well, at least I hope someone reads this blog).

Why ’What Does Marketing Really Do’, Aren’t You A Marketing Guy?

Throughout my career I have found a consistent and pervasive misunderstanding between the Marketing team/department and the rest of an organization.  Most commonly this misunderstanding manifests itself in the organization as hushed comment of, “what do all of those people in Marketing do?”  From Finance to IT, people within an organization quietly question what their marketing colleagues “do”.

Sure those other departments recognize that marketing creates “pretty pictures” (if you’re in IT don’t even try to tell me you haven’t used that phase before…na, don’t…ugh, admit it…you have), but the true, sustained value the Marketing team is often reduced down to “pretty pictures”.

Why?  Well…we’ll explore that together (hopefully you keep reading) but through my various experiences I believe there are four main reasons.  We, as marketers,:
  1. Often bring a pretty strong and pungent professional bravado to our work that can alienate our colleagues in other disciplines (c’mon…we’re Marketing).
  2. Generally worry about returning hard, measurable value to our organization (e.g. how to you quantify the value of MarComm or branding) and that worry can turn into defensiveness/aggression and lead to conflict.
  3. Structure our organizations much differently than the typical hierarchal structure common to other departments, this leads to our teams having higher percentages of managers/executives/specialists/etc. (i.e. “all those people”).
  4. Our work is often highly creative and wildly nebulous; where other disciplines demand structure and process, we create ‘concepts’ and unleash them upon the organization.

In my mind, it is these, and other, factors that create the “do” question.

Over the life of this blog I hope to critically examine the world of marketing and provide some insight into just what we “do” as marketers.  

Personally, I believe the critic examination component is key to overcoming these perceptions.  I want to objectively examine why we do the things we do as marketers; a process that many marketers go through but is not visible to others in the organization.  So just as I hope to explore the ‘cool’ new concepts in marketing together, I also want to question our motivations and intentions.

My goal then, after objective review and overcoming perceptions, is to showcase the power of marketing and its ability to drive organizational success through the influence of brand, customer perception, pricing, market segmentation, promotion, Internet/Social Media, communications, and other strategies.

Now if you’re questioning, “after all these years this is all he has?” Well…yes…and you know what, I’m in Marketing and clearly this visionary concept is just too much for you to comprehend (see what I mean about the marketing bravado).

Thanks for reading…looking forward to our future discussions.

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