Start Hiring Employees

Part 5 in an eight-part series on Becoming an Employer.

 Part 1: Becoming an Employer
 Part 2: Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
 Part 3: Get Insurance: Business and Workers’ Compensation
 Part 4: Choose How to Handle Your Payroll
 Part 5: Start Hiring Employees
 Part 6: Complete Required Paperwork for New Hire
 Part 7: Make Payroll Tax Deposits
 Part 8: File Quarterly and Annual Reports and Returns

hiring an employeeYou’ve laid the groundwork, and it’s time to start finding that right person. There are several ways to find a new employee. You can go through a recruiter, hire on a temporary or a trial basis, or go the traditional route of hiring direct.

Assuming you’re hiring by traditional means, here are the basic steps. For information on hiring methods, visit Patriot Software’s resources on hiring and applicant tracking.

Steps to Hiring

  1. Figure out the most important skills and experience required for the job.
  2. Advertise the position. Tell everyone that you’re hiring. Take advantage of the Internet, with resources such as online job boards and hiring websites that can attract a wider field of candidates. For more information, read “How to Write a Job Ad.”
  3. Evaluate your candidates. Get organized and divide your potential new hires into piles of yes, maybe, and no. For more information, read “The Hiring Process: Evaluating Job Candidates.”
  4. Conduct interviews. For tips, read “Interviewing Tips to Assure Long Term Retention.”
  5. Check references. Don’t skip this important step, assuming everything the candidate has said is true. What others say about the candidate can either confirm your choice or raise doubts. For more information, read our blog on checking references and download our sample reference checking form.
  6. Extend the job offer, contingent on the results of a background check. For more information, read “How Do I Make a Job Offer?
  7. Conduct a background check. For more information, read our information on background checks.


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