Splinternet? Growing Variety of Devices Presents Content Challenge

iPhone. Blackberry. Android. iPad? We don’t just access the Internet through the web browser anymore. Increasingly, we’re using mobile devices, and each new one seems to come with its own unique set of standards for how information is displayed. This is a challenge for anyone delivering content online, and Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research says it represents the splintering of the Internet as we know it:

We’ve had 15 years now where there was a common standard for the kinds of computers that were connecting up to Web sites, and this really made it easy for the people who were delivering content to those folks. But now, between iPhones and Tablets and Kindles, you can’t be sure if you build a Web site that everybody will experience it the same way anymore.

Bernoff was interviewed by Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace:

There will surely be debate about whether this is good or bad, but there’s a pragmatic question facing content providers: What’s the best strategy to address this diverse, growing set of platforms? Build with Web standards and rely on device makers to ensure that their devices can properly display your content? Build an app for each device? Build apps for some devices, but not others? What is your organization’s strategy?

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